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Contemplation's in Compassion 

Contemplation's in Compassion is a collection of artworks by female fresco artists from Europe and the United States who use creativity and culture to effect change.  It is a feminist response to oppression, violence, and injustice towards humans, animals and the environment.

The artists involved in the project reside in different parts of the world  giving us all a unique insight into how different cultures view these global and moral issues. Contemplating these differences and merging our creative voice allows us to develop a culturally diverse body of work with a visual impact  that transcends a singular view and opens a dialog  on creating a more compassionate world from a multicultural and global perspective.

The Contemplation's in Compassion Project is sponsored by NYFA
The New York Foundation for the Arts

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The Inspiration


The essence of all life is to live with a fundamental respect for that life and a desire to exist in peace without fear, hunger or suffering. We all strive to live and make decisions that support those ultimate life goals and should be free to do so.  This is true to a certain extent, but when what people use and eat infringes on the well-being of others we can not stay silent. When people are starving and forests and wildlife are becoming extinct, when animals are tortured and suffer horrifying deaths, when global warming and climate change threaten the well-being of the planet, when the ideas and entitlements of some opress the rights of others,  We have an obligation and a right to speak up and speak out. We can always agree to disagree and still love each other but it becomes difficult when the disagreement is rooted in the oppression and denial of any sentient beings right to exist. 

Artist have always been strong advocates for the moral pulse of society. With the current state of our earth and the escalating devaluing of her inhabitants welfare artist have a heavy sense of obligation and urgency in their work.  Introspective by nature, artists are banding together more frequently on collaborative projects allowing the expression of advocacy with greater social impact.

Contemplation's in Compassion is one of these projects. With an all female cast, we are creating a collection of buon fresco art that takes a feminist approach to this global activism by shining a light on the darkest side of humanity from a position of compassion.


Compassion is not measured in the depth of emotion you feel, it is in the depth of emotion you let others experience. ~ Creator


Meet The Team

Buon Fresco Artist
Rome, Italy
barbara badetti.jpg

Barbara Badetti

Buon Fresco Artist
Monza, Italy

Felice Indindoli

Buon Fresco Artist
Boston Ma, USA
julia mee.jpg

Julia Alexandra Mee

Buon Fresco Artist
Edinburgh, UK
annesophi portrait.jpg

Anne Sophie Dumont

Buon Fresco Artist
Paris, France

Mico Di Arpo

Buon Fresco Artist
Boston & NY, USA

Isabelle Bonzom

Buon Fresco Artist
Paris, France