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Creating art for the betterment of the planet and all beings through images and words of peace and compassion

Ahimsa Art

"As an activist and artist I believe, because I must, that once faced with the intimate reality of any living being subjected to torment, sorrow, agony, fear and the deepest of misery causes a moral force to rise in the human spirit that can no longer be quenched by social indifference."              Mico Di Arpo


A story told though words and images

about the plight and resolve of the way we treat animals, each other and the planet

The Compassion mural is taking us on a journey. It is an invitation to peek into the secret and intimate relationship between angels and the earth’s sentient beings. The angels are welcoming us to explore their compassionate reaction to the darkest side of humanity while surrounding us with words of wisdom written throughout the world and time by our own kind. This visual story of love and hope is rooted in the angelic desire for us to live more compassionately towards each other, animals and our planet. An animal’s life is as important and irreplaceable to them as our own life is to us. Treating them as insignificant, exploitable resources and destroying our world in the process will eventually lead to our own demise, spiritually and physically. But this is a story of hope and there is much that we can do collectively and individually to build a more compassionate world.

Join the journey   

The Compassion Fresco


Mico Di Arpo

Mico Di Arpo is an international master buon fresco artist known for her devotional images and depictions of renaissance inspired angels. Mico is an animal rights and environmental activist and uses her art to create works connected to her activism from a place of compassion. Her works are in numerous private collections and museums across the globe including His Eminence Seán Cardinal O'Malley of Boston and the American Italian Museum in NY. Mico is one of the founding creators of the Compassion Fresco Project. A large, public fresco mural taking place in South Carolina about the plight and resolve of animal abuse. The mural is making history as one of the first buon fresco murals to be created and painted entirely by female master fresco artists from around the world. You can read more about Mico here. To learn more about the Compassion Fresco enter here.

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