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Artistic Approach

"It is not the position of a painting to change the world but it does create a space for soulful contemplation and in so has the power to effect continuous lasting change".   Mico Di Arpo


I care for your personal well-being as deeply as I care for all life and the well-being of the planet. I passionately create art that inspires the soul while paving the way for a more compassionate and sustainable world. I work hard to protect, preserve and care for the planet by personally living in a way that limits my footprint on Mother Earth and using an artistic medium that causes no harm to the earth or depletes any of her natural resources. My personnel and artistic goal is to give comfort to all, give back more than I take and leave only a legacy of compassion and sustainability so we can all enjoy the empowering beauty of the earth and her great creatures for many generations to come.


I do not take my success for granted. I am extremely grateful for all the privileges success has given me so far. Which is why I give back as much as I can by supporting causes that  support the environment and animal welfare and volunteering at an animal shelter.

   Create Compassion    Live with Compassion      Be Compassion


All of Ahimsa Art, my art, centers around the preservation and continuation of the buon fresco medium as a viable contemporary art form. I endeavor to create projects that bring access and knowledge of this great art form to as wide a public audience as possible. The content of my work is aligned with my desire to create a more compassionate world towards all life and the earth. I use an earth friendly green medium to create art that aligns with my activism and brings awareness of  animal rights and environmental issues from a place of compassion and divine inspiration. 

Buon Fresco

Buon Fresco is the ancient art of painting on wet lime plaster with earth pigments ground in water. It is not only one of the oldest art forms known to man but it is an entirely green medium.

Every element used to create a fresco is organic, environmentally friendly and come from lavishly rich resources.

Lime is the main component in fresco. It is abundantly found in nature, contains no VOC's,(volatile organic compounds, those nasty chemicals that are toxic to our air quality and environment), reduces the carbon footprint by absorbing carbon dioxide and is a natural air filter and mold inhibitor


Activism is humanities rational solution to fight for those things that cause us the greatest unrest in our souls.

Activists are not motivated by power, money or fame but are in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness. So much so that they are compelled by some internal moral code to make it better.


An Angel is a messenger, a spiritual being that looks upon all life with unwavering compassion. Angels bring messages of peace and comfort to any life in peril.


Angels are as contemporary as they are ancient. They exist within every culture. They have been written of, sung of and painted since the earliest of times. Angels cross the bridge between worlds and beliefs. They are timeless messengers  whose images bring comfort to many and offend few if any.

An Animals Life is as Important and Irreplaceable to Them  as Your Life is to You!


"If you have the ability to watch or cause any living being to tremble in fear for its life and remain apathetic then you are so far removed from all that is spiritual that angels cry out in agony for the fate of your own soul."


"To the beautiful being in this video, You have been meaningless murdered by now and my heart aches for you still but may the fear that you have shown us cause such an awakening in the souls of others that your offspring are allowed to know only compassion."

                                                              Mico Di Arpo

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