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The Darkness in the Sunrise

I am sitting here, a few feet from the beautiful South Carolina coast. I can hear the waves gently rolling onto the shore carrying a rush of invigorating, crisp air with each new pass. The sun is just beginning to crest the horizon bringing with it the blessing of a new day. It is beautiful and I am entranced with the magic of it all. As the sun cast its red glow upon the waiting clouds I cannot help but feel blessed to witness such magnificence. But there is darkness in this beauty. I can see them, and my heart quickly moves from bliss to despair. There are two, then four; six before I move my eyes away believing, hoping that somehow this will make the reality before me disappear. It does not of course and even if I am successful in forgetting this morning’s darkness it will be there to destroy tomorrow’s bliss. It is as sure as the day itself that the death ships will leave their ports as the sun blesses the day. She is the unwilling partner that guides these vessels to deep waters to rape the ocean of her life. These fishing boats have one purpose, to reap rewards through the deaths of millions of God’s creation. But they are not the true villains. They would not venture out in the brisk morn if not for the millions who demand the right to gorge themselves on the flesh of the earths dead. It is not lost on me that most of the souls that share the sunrise with me each day give little thought to the millions of lives that are about to be horrified, tortured, mercilessly destroyed. But imagine if we all did. Imagine if compassion was our strongest, universal virtue. How the angels would sing!

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