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What If? A cry for Peace

What If the practices of factory farming were carried out in our city streets? How would the human spirit handle the slaughter house made of glass next to the local cafe'? If the fearful screams of pigs could be heard as they beg for their lives, how would we respond? If we all had to watch as these horrified souls were lifted up by wenches attached to their hind legs as they are gutted alive, what would we do? How would the hairdresser feel about half dead piglets, stolen from their mothers, being tossed into a dumpster and left to die outside her door? How would the accountant handle the blood of cows being washed down his city streets to the drains? What would a mother say to her children when they heard the wailing of a mother cow as she watched her newborn calf being taken from her and thrown into a wheel barrel moments after birth? Would we accept the grinding up of live baby chicks if it was on display next to the local convenient store? Would the electrician be apathetic to the convulsing of an intentionally electrocuted cow or sheep as it is being dragged to its horrific and brutal end? How would the police officer respond to the beating of a goat as it is being dragged into the blood soaked room of his executioner? What would the fireman feel seeing the torch burning the utter of a milk cow? Would we still long for angora sweaters if we had to watch the fur being ripped from broken rabbits while listening to their screams of agony? Would leather clothing and car seats still be desirable if we had to watch calves crying in pain after being branded in the face with red hot steel? If it were our dogs hooked through the jaw and skinned alive, would we be so quick to buy that fur coat? Would the cat convulsing and shaking in unimaginable pain from animal testing convince us to choose our makeup more responsibly?

This is not the reality you will ever have to face because these practices are hidden from the view of anyone who chooses not to see. The human spirit could not collectively allow the continuation of this abuse if brought into our daily lives. But this horror is exactly what millions of innocent souls face every day in our current world. YOU can choose not to participate.

YOU can choose compassion and peace. YOU can save these sentient beings from this suffering. Make compassionate choices,become aware, live in true peace.

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