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Tomorrows Legends

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Tomorrows Legends

We suffer persecution by the masses. Endure ridicule by our families and have been called evil by CEOs of large companies. We are making an impact for these voices would remain silent if we were not. We find peace and comfort only in those few moments when we are allowed to forget that there are hundreds of thousands of souls suffering and being murdered every moment. We know the torment and anguish we suffer pales in comparison to the torture of these victimized sentient beings. We are brave and suffer for it. We go to bed with the screams of fur being ripped from rabbits in our ears. We wake with the fear in the eyes of sheep in our own eyes. We live with the tears of cows and pigs at the slaughter house. We cry every day with the agony endured by the abused. And we speak. Not in hate or judgement but in love and compassion. Knowledge and love is our way. Regardless of the laws enacted to silence us or the threats of violence against us, we persevere. We know the truth and we will continue to speak, to act and to expose the uncomfortable truth until it is known by all. We will not be silenced until the earth and her animals are safe in a world built on compassion. Some of us choose to simply live the Ahimsa way. Some of us will stand on podiums and speak truth to the masses. Some of us will meet the suffering and terrified souls about to be murdered and show them their only moment of compassion. And some will use every effort to save a few from such fate. We are all important for we are the ones that will save the earth and build a more compassionate world. We are Vegans and we are tomorrows Legends.

Vegans do not eat, wear or use any product that cause suffering to any animal and are advocates for animal rights and the environment.

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